We have designed a structured network of more than 500 producers specialised in typical Italian products. They have long been producing them, following our unique tradition.

As your business partner, Coop Italian Food offers the following 3 potential solutions, providing maximum flexibility for you marketing strategy:

Coop Product Range «As is»

We design more than 4,500 Coop-branded products, you only need to choose the ones that fit your Italian food programme.


    In a world overcrowded by unreliable Italian products, a wide selection of the n°1 Italian private label range is available to you.

    We design different product lines responding to multiple consumer demands in terms of price and positioning: gourmet, organic, free from, healthy or mainstream to fit any budget. Each product is made according to the most stringent and restrictive quality standards and requirements without giving up on the taste and authenticity of tradition and local production.

    The product is available in the original italian version or we can translate the label into your language according to your country ‘s regulations, if needed.

    Our International Brands

    We have created a product line to meet the taste of each target country. We will open the doors of the Made In Italy tradition to you through the expertise of our producers.


      Fiorfiore is italian for “the best of the best”.

      Discover our Fiorfiore collection that comes from Italy’s endless culinary history and make it yours.

      A selected portfolio of authentic italian local specialities crafted with artful passion by skilled producers, the best of the best Italy has to offer.

      Retailer Own Brand

      You already have an Italian food line? We can help you turn it into an authentic one! We will provide you with the Italian-produced food packaged with your own brand design.

      We are able to make your Italian food line a real one by providing authentic products from the best Italian producers.

      We will assist you in every stage of the range development process.