Experience Italy on your table


In Italian the expression Fior Fiore indicates the best part of something. Authentic Italian cuisine is born of traditions that bring warmth to your table. Fior Fiore is the most trusted source of authentic Italian food to bring these values to you. For lovers of delicious, genuine Italian flavors, Fior Fiore delivers the best of the Italian tradition.
The broadest range of quality food products from Italy, made from the finest ingredients.



This is the secret: inside Fior Fiore products you have the scent of the air, the colors and the history of the places of origin.

You have ancient artisanal knowledge combined with technological innovation.

For this reason Fior Fiore products are unique, as they constitute the wide range of true Italian specialties, the ones made of good values that will bring warmth to your table every day.

Live the authentic way, 100% made in Italy.

The vast variety of Italian regional flavors at your table

Italian cuisine is, by definition, very varied.

Fior Fiore is unique because it has managed to bring the best from the variety of Italian flavors: a wide range of products with exceptional and reliable quality, which represent the span of Italian gastronomic culture, with ample diversity of top quality ingredients, recipes and authentic flavors that deserve to be discovered.