Made in Italy,
Made for You.

A unique supply styled to your needs and the finest local partner are what you need to perfectly fit the complexity of Italian Food Market.

Coop Italian Food

Coop is one of Italy’s largest retailer and has been providing Italian Food to Italians since 1854.

Tailor – Made in Italy

We want your Made in Italy experience to be unique and distinctive, and to properly fit your budget and business tasks.

Coop Italian Food is your tailor-made turnkey solution: a single partner able to provide access to the richest offering of Italian food products available today, at the best purchase conditions and with the most stringent quality guarantees.

Flexibility is our operative word and our teams are at your disposal to find the solution that best suits the needs of your target market.

Business Model

We have designed a structured network of more than 500 producers specialised in typical Italian products. They have long been producing them, following our unique tradition.

100% Italian

There is nothing in Italy we love more than our food tradition. Every dish has a unique and age-old story. Art and culture are deeply connected with food and how we eat it. Food is not just something that feeds us: it is an important moment for connecting with people we love.

Coop Italia has been providing Italian food to Italians for over 160 years.

Every Italian, no matter the generation they belong to, has at least one memory with a Coop product on the table: the history of Coop is intertwined with the history of Italy.

We choose the best of Italian gastronomic culture to weave an authentic culinary experience.

We are the experts of Italian food and we want to make you an expert as well in your own country.