Since 1854
Coop means Italy

The history of Coop is interlaced with the history of Italy: the first consumers’ cooperative was born in 1854, seven years before the Italian State. From the very beginning, the goal of the cooperative was to buy wholesale and resell consumer staples at cost price to members, to protect consumer purchasing power.

Our History

Follow us on this journey back in time among the most important milestones that have characterised Coop’s history, making it a point of reference for members and consumers.

The first Consumer Cooperative was born in Turin. Its purpose was to defend the purchasing power of consumers: first of all the quality was verified, the goods were then purchased from the wholesalers and finally sold to the shareholders at cost price.

The Cooperative Union of Milan packages a panettone with its own name becoming the first example of an own brand product.

With the rebirth of the Cooperative movement and the founding of the AICC – Italian Association of Consumer Cooperatives – the UNITARY COOP BRAND was born and distributed at national level.

The year 1967 sees the birth of Coop Italia, a national buying consortium for all Italian consumer cooperatives, whose creation meant greater bargaining power with suppliers.

In the second half of the 70s, the assortment is revisited and brought together under the Coop trademark. This is the beginning of an important stage in the growth and development of Coop products, which continues even today.

In 1998, Coop is the first European company to obtain SA 8000 certification.

Between 2000 and 2010, Coop continues to expand and becomes the main player in Italy’s organised large-scale retail market sector.

Coop takes part in Expo with the Supermarket of the Future pavilion.


First Cooperative
Store in Turin


More than 2000 Stores between Hypermarkets and Supermarkets